Online Tournament Brackets

This script is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Canada License. If you wish permissions beyond those listed above, please make a request here.

This is a script I wrote that can create tournament brackets for display on a website. This package includes a bracket creator, a bracket viewer, and a file that contains brackets in progress. The scripts can also generate the raw HTML code to be embedded into other pages.

You will require a webserver, a browser with Javascript support, and PHP.

The Scripts: 39.3kb

Bracket Creator

These scripts can generate either a file to be processed through the bracket viewer, or the raw HTML files needed to display the bracket on another homepage. Required files:

  • treesetup.php - This page allows you to create, save, and load brackets.
  • treemakercode.php - This is part of the treesetup script.
  • treetemplates.php - This is part of the treesetup script.
  • wz_jsgraphics.js - Displays the brackets
  • jquery-1.4.min.js - Required to display brackets
  • jquery.btree.js - Displays the brackets

Bracket Viewer

  • bracketviewer.php - This script takes in a parameter in the URL which points to a saved tournament bracket. You must first create the file using the bracket creator.
  • wz_jsgraphics.js - Required - See Above
  • jquery-1.4.min.js - Required - See Above
  • jquery.btree.js - Required - See Above


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