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 Browse at your leisure. Browse at your leisure.
-[[cpf:start|CPF Documentation]]+[[pwman3:start|pwman3 guide]] 
 +[[dokuwikicas:​start|Configuring CAS with Dokuwiki]] 
 +[[dokuwiki:​start|Dokuwiki Plugin ​Documentation]] 
 +[[d2l:​start|Desire2Learn Documentation]] - Including Bulk Deactivation Script 
 +[[scripts:​start|Various Little Scripts and Snippets]] - Stuff that doesn'​t fit else where. 
 +[[awstats:​start|awstats Configuration]] - Documentation on the setup of awstats and adding entries for new robots. 
 +[[hesk:​start|Hesk Enhancements]] - Documentation on enhancements I've made to the Free Hesk Helpdesk software. 
 +[[asciiart:​start|ASCII Art and Diagrams with ASCIIO and ditaa]] - Installation and configuration of ASCIIO and ditaa to make excellent ASCII diagrams and images. 
 +====== Programming Projects ====== 
 +[[phpfinances:​start|PHPFinances]] - A web-based personal finance management application. 
 +====== Wiki of Future Events ====== 
 +The wiki of future events is an imaginative look back at events which have not yet taken place. ​ Want to write a wiki entry on your great-grandson who hasn't been born yet?  Or the rise and fall of future empires? ​ Then this is your place to do it. 
 +The [[:​future:​start|future wiki]] will be broken up into 3 sections: 
 +  * [[:​future:​events:​start|Future Events]] 
 +  * [[:​future:​people:​start|Future People]] 
 +  * [[:​future:​places:​start|Future Places]] 
 +If you would like to add an entry to the wiki, go to one of these pages, edit the main page and create a link to the topic/​place/​person you would like to add. 
 +Try not to vandalize other peoples work, and any one can contribute without needing an account. ​ Do not copy fiction from existing sources, use your imagination. :) 
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