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 +====== Get Old DB ======
 +First, you will need to grab a copy of your old database. ​ The file is usually called //​pwman.db//​ and is stored in the ///​home/​username/​.pwman///​ directory.
 +If you can't find it there, take a look at your ///​home/​username/​.pwman/​config///​ file, and it will tell you where the file is.
 +Copy the db, and move it to a safe location.
 +====== Install pwman3 on New Server ======
 +Install pwman3 on your new server by following the new installation instructions. ​ You can take a look back at this [[pwman3install|page]],​ or look at the content below.
 +====== Run pwman3 ======
 +Run pwman3 be typing //pwman3// at the command line.  ​
 +I suggest configuring the same master password as you had in the previous version((I'​m not sure if it is required, but if the items are encrypted based on the password, setting a different password could cause an issue. ​ You can always change it later if you want to update your password.))
 +====== Copy In the New DB ======
 +Take your backed up copy of //​pwman.db//​ and copy it into your new ///​home/​username/​.pwman///​. ​
 +<​note>​If you want this installed in a different location, you can just update your config file to point to that location.</​note>​
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