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This topic will explain how to connect to pwman3 from afar using both Windows and Linux.

Linux: SSH

Most Linux distributions include a linux client out of the box (and Mac's for that matter). To connect to your passwords, simply open a terminal and type:

thomas@mythbox:~$ ssh {username}@{server}

You will be prompted for your password, and then you can type pwman3 to launch your passwords.


Since windows doesn't include an SSH client by default, we must get one. I recommend putty:

Download the first putty.exe listed for Windows.

The program will not need to be installed, so once downloaded, you just double click it to run it.

You will see a window like this:

For server name, you enter the name of the server. Make sure SSH is selected, and the correct port is selected (usually 22).

Then click Open to start the connection. You will be asked for your username and password. Once logged in, you can type pwman3 to launch your passwords.

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