PHPFinances Introduction

PHPFinances is a web based personal financial management application. It is designed to be installed on a secured web server for your personal access. It allows you to record transactions to monitor your spending, as well as remind you of your monthly bills that need to be paid.

Currently it is a basic version (lets call it alpha) that I wrote up one weekend to replace my spreadsheet I was using for the same purpose. The next week I made a few more changes to make some things easier and to compare across categories. I've enlisted the help of a friend and we are going to beef it up into a new beast (we might even add graphing!).

Sourceforge Page:

Current Version 0.2


You can download version 0.2 from our SVN repository or as a .tar.gz file (


No Screenshots yet.

Installation and Configuration

Installation is not too difficult, but configuration might be a bit tricky if you aren't familiar with PHP and MySQL. Since this was written for me, I didn't take any 'user friendliness' into account. I'd suggest you wait for the next version before installing, since the database will be changing quite a bit and we probably won't put much time into an upgrade script, but if you REALLY want to try it now, you can follow the directions below.





Change Log


New Feature: Added the ability to compare all of the categories over any range of months. Change: None Fix: None


Initial Release

Developer Documentation

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