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Bulk Deactivation Script This is a script (Javascript and HTML) that will step through a series of D2L courses and deactivate them in Bulk. Takes a while, but not as long as doing it manually. ;-) Runs best in Google Chrome, but also works in Firefox. Haven't tested any other browsers.
D2L Web Services Test Scripts (PHP) This is a collection of scripts that should let you get up and running quickly with D2L SOAP Web Services. You need to configure your institutional settings in the config file, and then you can start bouncing queries off of the server. This is useful for debugging other web services scripts, or just getting your feet wet with it.
D2L Web Services API Library (PHP) This is a basic D2L SOAP API written in PHP. This doesn't do much other than configure the environment, make calls, and return the SOAP objects. You will need to develop another layer of code to actually do stuff with the results. A few examples of additional functions are provided.
D2L Admin Bar (Grease Monkey Script) This is a Grease Monkey script for Firefox that adds a navigation bar to every D2L page that provides Admins with access to frequently used administrative tools.
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