Welcome to the CornEmpire Wiki

This is where I'll document stuff at random. It could be stuff I'm working on, or could be stuff just for me.

Browse at your leisure.

pwman3 guide

Configuring CAS with Dokuwiki

Dokuwiki Plugin Documentation

Desire2Learn Documentation - Including Bulk Deactivation Script

Various Little Scripts and Snippets - Stuff that doesn't fit else where.

awstats Configuration - Documentation on the setup of awstats and adding entries for new robots.

Hesk Enhancements - Documentation on enhancements I've made to the Free Hesk Helpdesk software.

ASCII Art and Diagrams with ASCIIO and ditaa - Installation and configuration of ASCIIO and ditaa to make excellent ASCII diagrams and images.

Programming Projects

PHPFinances - A web-based personal finance management application.

Wiki of Future Events

The wiki of future events is an imaginative look back at events which have not yet taken place. Want to write a wiki entry on your great-grandson who hasn't been born yet? Or the rise and fall of future empires? Then this is your place to do it.

The future wiki will be broken up into 3 sections:

If you would like to add an entry to the wiki, go to one of these pages, edit the main page and create a link to the topic/place/person you would like to add.

Try not to vandalize other peoples work, and any one can contribute without needing an account. Do not copy fiction from existing sources, use your imagination. :)

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